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Ankle injury , Ankle arthroscopyAnkle sprain or ankle ligament injury is one of the commonest sports injury especially in running and jumping sports. It is also common injury in a day to day life. Most of the time it becomes chronic ankle injury because first injury was not treated properly.


Usually It is manifested by ankle swelling, pain & repeated twisting of ankle.

Ankle joint takes lots of brunt because people have to climb stairs, have to play sports and have to kick a two wheeler. The structure of Ankle is such that there are many small bones kept together for flexibility. These bones are joined by multiple ligaments so that strength is also maintained along with flexibility. One of the most strongest articulation [joint] is between Talus, Calcaneum,  Tibia & Fibula. To join all these bones nature has given ankle ligaments on medial [inner] and lateral [outer] side of foot.


When a person injures ankle ligaments, depending on the severity of Ankle sprain , RICE ,Ahmedabad , INDIAinjury, he/she can have mild pain and swelling [ Grade 1 ankle sprain] or will have immediate severe swelling with severe pain and inability to walk in Grade 3 injury. Whatever the grade of ankle sprain is, immediate treatment is required. For  grade 1 ankle sprain, RICE treatment is sufficient  [R=Rest, I=Ice, C=Compression with an elastic bandage & E= Elevation of foot on a pillow) with few days off from the sports. For more severe injury, scientific management in form of x-rays [to rule out any ankle fracture] & MRI [to assess the extent of damage and other soft tissue injuries] are necessary.


Ankle sprain treatment , Ankle immobilizer

It has been proved that there is no need to place a plaster or totally immobilize ankle joint after an ankle sprain. Actually it has been shown that  NSAID, protected weight bearing with ankle support, CAM boot or a special  ankle immobilizer results in a better and rapid healing. For chronic ankle sprains without much laxity, prolotherapy has  proven to be a much better option than steroid injection.


In case of chronic ankle sprain some patients go on sustaining repeated ankle sprains because the ligament becomes elongated and cannot function. In such cases ankle MRI not only shows the ligament injury but also can show ankle articular cartilage damage (OCD of Talus)  or Deltoid [medial] ligament injury. In such cases, it is advisable to undergo ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. If done scientifically and before extensive damage, Ankle arthroscopy with Brostrum procedure has given very encouraging results with physiotherapy. In very advance case, ankle joint fusion or ankle replacement remains the only viable option.


It is better to be vigilant about ankle sprain and its treatment to prevent ankle arthritis,

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