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Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure for joints, done with puncture holes. Wrist injury  is very common at any age that gives wrist pain in day today activities. One of them is TFC injury. Arthroscopy is gold standard for TFCC repair if exercise & injection treatment like prolotherapy in wrist fails.

TFCC (Trinagular fibro cartilage complex) is a disc between two forearm bones ( Ulna & radius) at the wrist joint. It has multiple functions. The most important are load transmission & shock absorbstion. It is also major stabilizer of distal radioulnar joint. So basically it protects wrist joint from unnatural forces & damage.

When TFCC is damaged, patient complaints of nagging pain on the outer side of wrist in certain activities like lifting weight or twisting a door knob etc. He might feel click if TFCC is torn . There are multiple tests available to diagnose a TFCC tear. A good quality wrist MRI will not only show the tear but also will help in classification of tear. This is important for planning of f treatment of TFCC. If TFC tear is not address, patient develops arthritis of wrist in long run.

This middle aged cricketer came from Nairobi (Africa), with left wrist pain of few months duration. He sustained a fall on the outstretched hand while playing. He had nagging wrist pain that started after few months of injury. He felt gradual weakness of grip while performing daily activities. He underwent multiple conservative treatment without success.

Wrist arthroscopy was done at Aash arthroscopy  center, Ahmedabad, INDIA in 2014.  Arthroscopy revelead a torn TFCC ( Palmer 1B ) tear that was repaired with help of bioabsorable suture. A plaster was given for 6 weeks to protect the repaired tissue.

We could follow up as he came back to us for Shoulder rotator cuff surgery. At the end of 2 yrs. he had full wrist function without pain & discomfort. He could play cricket regularly till he injured his shoulder

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