Articular Cartilage damage & repair (ACI) Ahmedabad , INDIA.

Loose body  Patella knee cap cartilage damage  Cartilage culture , fibrin glue  Cartilage defect filling with cartilage culture

A 20 years’ girl studying in engineering, came to us for her acutely locked & unstable knee. Frequency of knee locking had increased in last 6 months. Clinical examination & MRI showed ACL injury with articular cartilage piece (loose body) coming out of Patella ( kneecap). She sustained a road accident before almost 8 months that probably damaged her knee cartilage. PCL, LCL & MCL were normal.  Arthroscopy revealed a big cartilage defect in the weight bearing area of femur bone with an additional defect in Patella. ACL reconstruction was done & articular cartilage piece was sent for biopsy. New cartilage was cultured by Regrow (ACI company) & approx. 60 million new cartilage cells were grown within 4 weeks. Good physiotherapy ensured that she had almost full range of knee movements before 2nd surgery.

After 4 weeks, the stable knee joint was opened. After freshing the defects, both defects were totally filled by cartilage cell culture and fibrin glue as seen here. This is called Autologous cartilage implantation or ACI surgery. Patient was given a brace & was kept non weight bearing for 4 weeks. BMAC is another option for single stage cartilage defect surgery.

With such advancements in knee arthrosocpy, cartilage defect or OCD ( osteochondritis dissecans) of other joints like Ankle, Elbow, Shoulder and Hip can be filled totally. Long term results of ACI surgery are very encouraging. Doctors of Aash arthroscopy center are doing cartilage surgery for more than 15 years with an excellent outcome.



                                                               After 3 years

Aash Arthroscopy center, sports medicine centre Ahmedabd , gujarat , INDIA

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