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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is becoming more & more common in INDIA. More knee ligament injuries are due to  road traffic accidents & increased sports participation. Awareness regarding  ACL tear & PCL injury in adults as well as in children & its aftermath has not only increased in orthopedic surgeons but also in athletes, coaches, physiotherapists & a common man.

In June 2012, this young man came with repeated falls due to ACL injury to his both knees while playing football. MRI showed extensive damage to ACL as well as meniscus injury .  Aash arthroscopy Center performed simultaneous ACL reconstruction of both knees with Hamstring grafts. Both knees became so stable on the next day that he walked full weight bearing with a walker. Excellent post operative care & rehabilitation sent him back to his original work in two months. The pictures that we have posted here are 1) Harvesting graft from both limbs 2) Knee braces on both knees after surgery 3-4-5) almost invisible scars , X-ray as well as full knee bending after 3.5 yrs. Not only he has fully functional both knees without swelling & pain  but also he enjoys sports regularly.

We have successfully treated more than 20,000 patients with ligament injury. At Aash arthroscopy center, we design Knee rehabilitation programme in such a manner that early return to work as well as to sports becomes  possible after ACL or PCL reconstruction surgery.  

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