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Carpal tunnel syndrome [CTS] is a condition that affects daily life of an individual.  This disease is commoner in females due to compression of median nerve at the wrist joint. Malunited wrist fractures can give CTS. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome can be medicines, exercises, Splint, prolotherapy [non-steroid injections], steroid injection and arthroscopic or open carpal tunnel release surgery.
CTS patient complaints of tingling and numbness in the index, middle, half ring finger & thumb. Problems increase with repetitive movements of wrist and forearm ( this might be the reason for more number of female patients). As the disease progresses, pain becomes worst at night and many times patient will have to get up at the middle of the night with severe burning sensations in affected hand/hands.
Prompt diagnosis and treatment is very important to prevent long-term problems due to carpal tunnel syndrome like wasting of hand muscles. Clinical as well as diagnosis by electromyography ( EMG) can point to severity of the disease. Patients with diabetes as well as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are likely to become more symptomatic.
In the initial stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, medicines as well as exercises can give a good relief. Special split worn at night might help in reducing progression of the disease. At our center we usually prefer prolotherapy that has proved its own value in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Carpal tunnel release is being done for many decades with a scar of approx 1.5 inches near the wrist & palm. It has given good results but sometimes the scar becomes very broad (keloid) & painful in daily activities. For last 20 years, arthroscopic carpal tunnel release surgery has given excellent results. In experienced hands, complications are minimal because whole CTS release is done with 2 puncture holes as shown in the images. Numerous studies have shown the ‘ back to work” time is much faster in arthroscopy surgery as  compared to open release.
Dr. Nishith shah has been doing arthroscopic carpal tunnel release surgery for more than 15 years with excellent success rate. Long term follow up of CTS surgery has not shown high recurrence.
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