Case study : Arthroscopic ACL avulsion in 14 years young Child

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A 14 year young boy came to us  in Dec`14 from Mandsur (Madhya Pradesh,INDIA) .He had sustained a fall from bicycle and wasn’t able to take the load while walking nor able to straighten his knee after his fall. An X ray showed Tibial Bony Avulsion of ACL (fracture of the front part of leg bone where a very important knee ligament ACL attached.)This injury resulted into an unstable and blocking of knee

As there was a fracture, it was decided to fix it arthroscopically (without opening of joint).The avulsed piece with ACL was reattched to its anatomical location with a wire loop.Fortunately, there was no other injury.He was allowed to full weight bearing walker whilst walking from next day and was able to do straighten his legs as well. Now he can sit in comfortably as well walk without support.

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