F / 19 Dislocation knee: After 9 months of surgery & exercises, this is possible…..

 Knee ligament injury  


Young physiotherapist was knocked down by a car in Jan. 2017. She dislocated her knee but prompt treatment by Dr. Mehta saved the knee from neurovascular deficit. She had complete rupture of ACL, PCL & medial collateral ligament ( MCL) ( as seen in 1st image while examining in operation theatre). Hew both meniscus were totally avulsed & flipped. She was operated on 4th day after injury.  Posterior cruciate ligament ( PCL) was recostructed arthroscopically by grafts harvested from Opp. limb. Outside cushion ( lat. meniscus) was brought back to its original position & stiched back. Medial meniscus was also repaired. MCL ( inside ligament) was totally ruptured. This was repaired metculously from inside out using variety of implants. At the end of 4 hours suregry, the knee became very stable. Patient was given a cutom designed brace ( PTS brace) to protect reoaired tissue. ACL was not repaired.

This  young lady followed proper rehab protocol. MAnipulation of her kneewas done after 2 months of multiple ligaments reconstruction surgery.

After 9 months of surgery. she has full range of movements without any instability. She did traditional Gujarati dance ( Garba) all 9 days with different styles during Navratri festival. Whole family is very happy with the outcome of surgery, so is Aash arthroscopy centre. This was possinble due to scientific approach to injury, meticulous planning of surgery & execution & months of exercises by dedicated patient.






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