From Bangladesh for knee ligament surgery.

A 45 years active businessman from Bangladesh came to us recently with an unstable, painful left knee joint due Knee ligament inury to Anterior Cruciate [ACL] and Posterior cruciate [PCL] ligament injury. He experienced repeated lockings due to lateral meniscus [cushion] tear.

He twisted his knee while getting up from Namaz before 10 days. He heard a snap & knee locked.He had intermittent problems in the same knee for last 4 years because of old road traffic accident where he was thrown on the steering wheel.

He underwent arthroscopic surgery, where both ACL and PCL were reconstructed using grafts from the same limb.. As done in many cases, we at Aash arthroscopy center performed lateral meniscus repair rather than meniscectomy [removing the meniscus]. This saved one the most important structures of the knee to prevent knee arthritis.

Patient had an uneventful recovery. We allowed him for weight-bearing with a walker after one week of such a major reconstruction surgery. He went back to Bangladesh within five days.


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