Aash Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Centre is India’s landmark super-specialty health destination renowned for expert Arthroscopic Surgery (Keyhole Surgery) of various joints as well as scientific management of sports related injuries in Ahmedabad.  Dr. Nishith Shah is one of India’s best Arthroscopy surgeons. With a vast experience in Knee Ligament surgeries, Shoulder injury management and Arthroscopic Surgery of other joints, he started Aash Arthroscopy Centre in 1989 to provide exclusive Sports Medicine facilities in Ahmedabad. He has a particular interest towards knee injuries in children.


Dr. Nishith Shah is attached to the V.S. General Hospital, Ahmedabad, and is also the founder member of Indian Arthroscopy Society (IAS). He has been a faculty member and has participated in numerous arthroscopy conferences in India and abroad. An ardent believer of continuing education, Dr. Nishith Shah trains himself and other orthopedic surgeons every year ensuring he is updated in his skill sets.




Hip Arthroscopy

CT scan Hip ,Aash Arthroscopy centre  Dr. Nishith Shah  Shaver ,  X ray Hip joint, Ahmedabad  Ahmedabad , Hip arthroscopy

A 25 year young man sustained fracture dislocation of hip joint before 15 days. It was reduced in emergency & traction was given. Post reduction x-ray as well as CT scan showed a bony piece lodged inside the hip that will have hampered movements of patient.

To remove this osteochondral loose piece, traditional technique would have been to open the hip joint, dislocate it & remove the fragment. This open surgery could have further jeopardize blood supply to head of femur. A fragment of approximately 1.5cm x 1 cm was removed with 2 puncture holes with arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery. Special instruments like 70* arthroscope, shaver and long needles were used to do surgery. Patient had an uneventful recovery & was allowed to take weight with support from 3rd day.


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