Injury after Total knee replacement & Lateral ligament reconstruction

A very active lady of 65 years who stays alone, presented to us in August 2015 with an unstable & occasional painful left knee. She was finding difficulty in stair climbing and in pivoting. She sustained a fall while climbing down the stairs before 3 weeks. She underwent a total knee replacement (TKR) surgery before 2 years of the same knee and of opp. knee before 5 years. She had an uneventful recovery after TKR surgeries. Her outside knee ligament (LCL) of left knee was torn clinically that never healed with conservative treatment. There was no AP laxity. Looking to her continuous problems, we did anatomical reconstruction of lateral ligament without damaging her Total knee surgery components. At the end of one month, she had a very stable and painless knee that allowed her to do her activities of daily living normally. We advised her to continue strengthening exercise.


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