Knee Injuries

The knee joint joins the leg constist of two articulation : one between femur and tibia and one between femur and patella.It is largest joint in the human body.


Function of knee joint:

The knee permits  flexion and extension about a virtual transverse axis, as well as a slight medial and lateral rotation about the axis of the lower leg in the flexed position. The knee joint is called “mobile” because the femur and lateral meniscus move over the tibia during rotation, while the femur rolls and glides over both menisci during extension- flexion.

Meniscus can get damaged due to various causes. Nowadays there is no need to remove a torn meniscus as long term results of meniscus repair are very convincing.


2)   Injury after total knee replacement & Lateral ligament    reconstruction surgery 

3)  Arthroscopy & ACL avulsion fixation in young boy Ahmedabad, Dr. Nishith Shah

4)  Knee cartilage  treatment & Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in Ahmedabad, India

5)  Children Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) & Lateral ligament reconstruction, Patella surgery.

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7)  Unreduced locked Knee dislocation  treatment 

8)  Loose body, Revision ligament surgery ( Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction) in Ahmedabad, India

9)  ACL & PCL reconstruction  in an adolescent Child in Ahmedabad, INDIA

10) From Bangladesh for ACL & PCL knee ligament surgery.

11) Revision ACL & PCL reconstruction , Ahmedabad , INDIA

12) Both knees ACL reconstruction surgery , Ahmedabad, INDIA

13) F/19 Dislocation knee: After 9 months of surgery & exercises, this is possible…..


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