Loose body, Revision ligament surgery ( Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction) in Ahmedabad, India

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M/ 70, a farmer presented to us in June 2016 from Narayangadh, Madhya Pradesh with problems of pain, locking & instability of right knee joint for 3 weeks duration. He sustained ACL injury while handling his cow. Dr. Nishith Shah (Aash Arthroscopy Centre, Ahmedabad, INDIA) had operated on him for ACL reconstruction in 1996 (before 20 years) with Bone Patella tendon bone (BPTB) graft. For 20 years he enjoyed a fully functional & painless knee till he had re injury to his ACL.

He underwent revision ACL reconstruction surgery with hamstring graft on 11/6/2016. We were surprised to see a very healthy previously operated knee with minimal knee arthritis in a 70 years old person.Surprising finding was presence of multiple loose bodies in the back part of knee, largest was almost 2*3 cms. in size.

Aash Arthroscopy Centre thanks this gentleman and many others who have encouraged us to continue knee ligament reconstruction and meniscus work.

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