Presenting 20 cases of Children ligament reconstruction surgery at Delhi : 2016

Increase sports participation & early two whleer driver is giving orthopedic surgeons many young patient (below 15 years of age with knee ligament (ACL,PCL ,LCL,MCL) injuries.Treatment of pediatric ligament injures is a big problem as growth of children is remaining.Most of the orthopedic surgeon are afraid to operate where epiphysis (growth plate) are open.

Dr. Nishith Shah presented his long term follow up of cases of pediatric ACL & PCL reconstruction at SMAW 2016 at Delhi. in March 2016.He demonstrated technique of pediatric ACL reconstruction to 150 orthopedic surgeons. He also showed almost 10 years follow up of his operated cases where the tunnel were made through growth plates,new ligament were reconstructed.Children became normal & their growth (height increase) was normal.This subjects generated lots of discussion.

Dr. Nishith Shah , Delhi. 10151201_842959159165639_3456906107254497278_n 12512502_842958139165741_5163147653164931563_n

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