In many patients, after a successful fracture union or treatment of major sprains, patients still complaints of pain. They are usually told that this pain is going to remain. The pain generated in this situation is due to lax tissues [ Ligaments of knee & shoulder, bone tendon unit – Tennis or Golfers elbow or connective tissue problem- heel pain, ankle ligament injury] those are not able to sustain the forces generated by the body in different activities

Most of the time for such situation, steroid injections are used. But medical science has proved that steroids reduces inflammation temporarily and doesn’t not help the tissue to heal. So usually in most of the patients, the pain reappears after few weeks to few months depending on the activity level of a patient. Prolotherapy works at the root of the problem, makes the tissue heal so relapse is unusual. This therapy is also quite effective in early arthritis of knee or shoulder joint because many patients have developed arthritis due to lax tissues as a result of undiagnosed previous injury & improper treatment.

We at Aash arthroscopy center are using this technique for more than 4 years now and have treated almost thousand patients successfully.  A patient might require from 2 to 5 or more injections depending on intensity of pain as well as damage to the tissue. For most of the patients three injections are sufficient.

One thing is apparent that there is the no side effect of this therapy, if  proper sterility is maintained while injecting. So next time when you are suffering from chronic pain and is tired of physiotherapy, ice application, medicines and other treatments, think about non steroidal treatment- Prolotherapy and come to us.

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