Stone chip removal from knee joint

Hip Arthroscopy in child

Knee ligament injury in adolescent

Interview with Dhvanit- most famous RJ of Radio Mirchi, Ahmedabad on 1st July, 2013

Medial meniscus repair ( Inside cushion): Dr. Nishith Shah

2) 14 years young athlete had multiple episodes of locking as well as instability. ACL was completely ruptured that was reconstructed. Lat. meniscus had a triple bucket handle tear. Central handle of meniscus was debrided and other two torn parts were sutured ( repaired) with stitches as well as with fast-fix( Bio absorbable device. After 2.5 months of surgery, the patient had full recovery

Stone chip removal from Knee joint in a 7 years old child

3) 7 years old girl sustained a fall on the road before few months. A stone chip enter her knee from the front but it was missed. After few months she started limping and started developing swelling. The stone chip continued irritating the joint. It was moving in the joint. It finally was removed from the back of the joint with help of 3 small 1 cm. incisions. The patient has fully recovered.

Foreign body removal from knee joint

Osteoarthritis (OA) knee:

4) A better option than Joint replacement especially in middle aged group.

How a new ligament (ACL) is reconstructed?

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