Wrist injury & Ligament reconstrcution , Ahmedabad

Dr.Nishith shah , Aash Arthroscopy centre  Arthroscopy surgery  X ray  Ligament reconstruction , Ahmedabad

M 24, a video photographer came with pain & difficulty in doing daily
activities with right wrist joint before 4 months.He sustained a fall on on the outstretched hand & started having pain in the wrist joint. In spite of best possible conservative management in form of plaster ,exercises and splints his problems increased.Clinical examination, x-ray and CT scan indirectly revealed injury to the scapholunate (SL) ligament connecting main two bones of his wrist. (Scaphoid and Lunate). Arthroscopy confirmed this diagnosis. SL ligament was reconstructed using a part of the tendon that was rerouted through both bones and fixed with special small suture anchor> Whole reconstruct was kept in alignment with 2 wires

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