Childrens Ligament Injuries

Presentation11Aash Arthoscopy Center –  Children Ligament Injury In India, Children Ligament Injury In Rajasthan, Children Ligament Injury In Ahmedabad, Ligament Injury Knee In India, Ligament Injury Knee In Rajasthan, Ligament Injury Knee In AhmedabadIt is generally believed that ligament in Children will not be injured before growth plate closure ( at 16 to 18 years of age). Because of this & fear of damaging the growth plate, such injuries are ignored till a child becomes adult. Persistent pain, repeated or unresolved swellings, tiredness & refusing to play are presenting symptoms of ligamentous injury in children. Instability is not the main presenting symptom in children as in adults Progressive meniscus tears, articular cartilage damage and eventually joint degeneration ( arthritis) is the result of in an untreated ligament deficient knee in children.

Two factors have lead to more surgeons recommending early ACL/ PCL surgery, even in children. First, more recent research has evaluated the risk of growth plate injury in comparison to the downside of delaying surgical treatment of the torn ACL. The risk of meniscus tears and cartilage injury was found in a recent study to be higher than the risk of growth disturbances. Second, there are modifications to traditional ACL surgery that allow the growth plate to be minimally affected in children.

Aash Arthroscopy centre has one of the largest series of pediatric ligament reconstruction & repairs in India with long term follow-up.

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